Synergy specialises in recycling used and out-of-date fire extinguishers and suppressants as part of our nationwide pressure vessel collection service. We can cater for all types of extinguishers including more hazardous substances such as halon which is utilised in specialised circumstances such as aviation and industrial computing. These cylinders come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes exceed 100kg in weight, a challenge that Synergy is well practiced in dealing with. We are capable of removing and decommissioning static deluge systems which often require specialist trucks and lifting equipment.

Synergy Operates this service on a nationwide basis through our four depots across the UK in a fully compliant manner under requirements set by UK legislation and the Environment Agency (EA). We are also compliant to all ADR and IMDG regulations and are independently certified to ISO 9001 and 14001. To achieve this, Synergy holds multiple licences and permits including Waste Carriers Licencing and EA permits. 

Each type of extinguisher goes through its own recycling process and requires safe handling from the point of collection to dismantlement; our highly trained team is capable of this throughout the entire process from cradle to grave. This would include consignment to a specialist treatment site for the safe removal/capture of halons.

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